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En Garde! full game returns in 2023!

En Garde! is developed and published by Fireplace Games, a french game studio founded by the team behind the student project.

The full version of En Garde! is out since August 16th 2023!

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The Student Project

A swashbuckling adventure!

En Garde! is a swashbuckling action-adventure game set in 17th century Spain. Play as Adalia de Volador, a noble & impetuous swordswoman! Your palace has been seized by a mysterious mastermind and his hoard of guards - you will have to defend your family's honor

Fight with your rapier and acrobatic moves against numerous opponents, and use the environment to your advantage in an intuitive way (every object is interactive, from tables to chandeliers!). You can even use your sense of repartee to taunt your opponents. Combat is a spectacle and should be done with panache!

This En Garde! prototype features story-driven action in an open level (the Volador's Palace) for a total play time of about 30 minutes.


The student project was made as a student graduation project by a team of 8 students from Supinfogame Rubika (France). The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4.

  • Adrien Poncet - Game director, producer & sound designer
  • Valentin Capitaine - Game designer & AI designer
  • Corentin Mangé - Level designer & level builder
  • Sylvain Schmück - Gameplay programmer & 3C designer
  • Pierre Chapelet - Gameplay & AI programmer
  • Tim Guthmann - Animator, technical artist & level artist
  • Anaïs Simonnet - Character artist & level artist
  • Julien Fenoglio - Art director, concept artist & level artist
  • Ludwig Wu - Music composer (from MAAAV Lyon 2)
  • Ilse Zamarripa - Adalia's voice performance

For additional art and writing, special thanks to Ilse Zamarripa, Jordan Jaminet, Valentin Picard, Maxime Conquy, Thibaut Moitel, Loup Druet, Guillaume Faguet. Thanks to everyone who helped us with the game!

Useful information

⚠ Please note that you need a good PC to run the student project of En Garde!  ⚠ 

The game plays better with a Xbox gamepad. Gamepad Controls are explained and displayed in-game.  However, if you don't own a gamepad and would like to play with your mouse and keyboard, here are the controls you need to know:

  • WASD/ZQSD - Move  
  • Left mouse button - Attack 
  • Right mouse button - Parry 
  • Space - Dodge 
  • F - Kick 
  • R - Repartee 
  • Hold Shift - Sprint/Freerun 
  • E - En garde (manual lock) 
  • Esc - Pause game 


En Garde! 1.2.2.zip 1 GB

Development log


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Muchas gracias, me encanta el juego y toda la cultura que crearon alrededor, esta version es un regalo maravilloso!


Got this on GOG. Utterly charming and truly addictive gameplay. I DEVOURED it. My wife and I got swept up in the adventure and the comedy. 10/10 if you like swordfighting get this game.

Thanks for the GOG release!

As shmerl said, would love to see the soundtrack in FLAC on GOG, and even if possible can you guys make the Student Project added as a bonus on GOG? 

Thanks again and hope you had a succesful release on all platforms!

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Can you please release your soundtrack in FLAC on Bandcamp (or may be add FLAC to the GOG OST release?).

Thank you!

Started the game - and I love it!


Hey guys I just finished the full version of En Garde! on steam and loved it, I'm looking forward to having the student version back so I can try it and see how much the final game evolved from the student project


Hello there, the student project is now back if you still want to give it a try. Hope you'll enjoy the original experience!


With the full game now arrived, can we get the Student Demo version back? I wanted to play through it again before taking on the full game.

Hello there, the student project is now back if you still want to give it a try. Hope you'll enjoy the original experience!

I thank you greatly. Much appreciated.

Is there any chance that the full game could come to itch.io also?

I don't think so, and if it does, it'll be paid

Oh, I was definitely thinking of it being sold for the same price as there; I just prefer buying here over Steam.

Hello there, the student project is now back, however the full new game is only available on Steam and we have no plans to add it on itch.io fo now. Hope this helps.


Oh gosh!
I loved the game when I played the first version of it, and now, after opening this website after a long time, I come and see this beauty here!

Can't wait!!


Hey, Fireplace team-- Just wanted to say I loved the student project when I played it in the IGF, and I was thrilled to see that you care carrying it forward as a full game. Can't wait to play it. You all are super-talented. Good luck with development!

Thank you so much <3 <3 <3


nice one devs. definatly aa standard. more polish and i could see this taking down assasins  boring creed. 8.5/10


Very very cool demo! A bit clunky at times (animations, camera, the usual), of course it's a student project, but really captures some of the magic of the cloak & dagger movies: the witty repartees, leaping on tables, or on chandeliers (yay fan service!).

Even the combat works rather well, especially since fencing is a harder sell than eg guns or magic - and I'm really not big on combat in games in general.

What really nailed for me were a couple of wow moments that felt very organic and unscripted and yet perfectly choreographic: running after the last capitan, finding myself leaping out a window (of course) to land on a canopy, then somersault to the ground, landing behind him and cutting off his escape... all in one fluid sequence, epic! I believe I could just as well have followed another path and not get that moment, so kudos on the level design for guiding me there without me noticing.

I tip my hat to you, dev team.

Bonjour, je voulais jouer à votre jeu ayant vu une émission tv tout récemment qui en parlait. Mais apparemment la version en téléchargement n'est pas compilé. N'avez-vous pas une version utilisable.

Bonjour, merci pour votre intérêt ! Je ne suis pas sûr de comprendre le problème ? Le téléchargement et le jeu fonctionnent chez moi. Avez-vous bien extrait l'archive .zip téléchargée, puis lancé EnGarde.exe ? Sinon, le problème viens peut-être de votre ordinateur. Désolé je ne peux pas plus vous aider en l'état

(1 edit)

Bon ben je l'ai retélécharger et là c'est bon. Un bug à la décompression peut-être, j'avais un message "failed to open .../engarde.uproject"

Merci en tout cas de m'avoir répondu rapidement.



Ha this was great! I'm glad I got to play this silly game. The art of the game is beautiful! I found that if you just kick people on stairs the fight becomes trivial, but still had a lot of fun. 



Here is my playthrough, please expand this game and add more missions

Show post...

like it

Utilisez vous des decals pour ajouter de la saleté ? Ou est-ce une texture unwrapé sur chaque murs ?


Bon jeu

Petit détail graphique étrange les cheveux d'Adalia sont devant son visage et lui font une barbe


great game! many thanks!

i'm trying to play the game with mouse and keyboard, but it's doing everything for controller which doesn't help at all, could you do something about that?

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Hey, sorry, the game interface can only displays controller inputs. But you can see mouse and keyboard inputs on the itch.io game page or in the readme file :) 
As this is just a prototype, we didn't take the time to implement keyboard display. Sorry about that! 

ok, thnx

can i play it without WinRaR?

Deleted 4 years ago

Hi, sorry, we just realized that the file to download is corrupted.. We'll fix this as soon as possible


Tried this morning and it's still not working for me. Is there an alternative download or are you still working on this issue ? Thanks for this great game :)


My son has really enjoyed playing En Garde.  Unfortunately though the game no longer seems to work for us because the 'New Game' button is disabled.  Is there any way to re-enable it?  We tried removing all the game files from AppData\Local\En Garde, and then tried removing our copy and reinstalling.  Still no luck!  If you know of anything else we can try please let us know.

Hi! That's strange, we'll have a look at this and try to find what's happening. Were you able to play only once before the button got disabled? Does the button appear visually disabled (grayed out) too? Have you tried clicking with the mouse or did you use a gamepad? 
We're really glad that your son loves the game!

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Hey :) Same problem here. I downloaded a beta a long time ago, thought it was a problem due to the old version, so I got the latest one from here, "New Game" is still unavailable. Grayed out, so neither mouse or gamepad works.

(Je contribue en anglais puisque poursuivant la conversation, mais si je peux aider à trouver l'origine du problème, je précise tout de même que je suis français. ce sera peut-être plus pratique.)

I just found the issue, it's now fixed. I'm currently building a new version of the game and I'll upload it as soon as possible :) 


This is what the screen looks like for us.  The button is disabled and we can't click on it using a mouse.  My son was able to play several times before we ran into this issue.  He's also tried playing with XBox and PlayStation gamepads.


Hi! Thanks for the info! This will be fixed in the new version but currently we have a problem with corrupted data. The new version will be available in a few hours!

(1 edit) (+1)

The issue should be fixed now, thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience! Please download the new version of the game :) 


Brillant !

C'est le mot qui me vient à l'esprit en terminant votre jeu. Je sent la passion qui transpire dans votre projet de A à Z et je n'imagine même pas la masse de boulot que cela a du vous demander.

Après avoir joué je rêve honnêtement d'un kickstarter, non seulement cela marcherait, mais en plus cela marcherait du tonnerre vu que vous avez déjà démo et vidéo, sans parler du fait que le genre cape et épée très "Français" est totalement sous exploité dans le domaine...il ne me reste plus qu'a espérer que cela arrive.

En tout cas bravo, et un grand merci, j'ai vécu des instant vidéoludiques  incroyables et inoubliables grâce à vous tous et je pense que c'est le Graal pour une équipe d'arriver à ce résultat.

PS : J'ai vu une MAJ récente, vous continuez à travailler dessus ? Je confirme également ce que l'on écrit au dessous, lancer l'exécutable lance également steamVR.

Merci pour ton commentaire qui nous a fait très plaisir ! 
La MAJ récente était juste pour régler quelques bugs, mais il n'est pas exclu qu'on continue de travailler dessus un jour... ;) 
On va voir ce qu'on peut faire pour le steamVR.

(1 edit) (+2)

There appears to be OpenVR included in the binaries and my SteamVR starts up with the game (and game closes when closing SteamVR).

I also have no sound in-game (could be related, could be not).

Either way, could you remove OpenVR from the release if not needed please?


Haha WOW! I love this! Not since Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has there been a kick as formidable as that bestowed upon Adalia de Volador


Wow, very impressive.  


I love this game, it brings me back in time, I feel again the spirit of my old wooden sword with which I once fought against dark knights, bandits and dragons.


Did you reconsider the kiss after 4 years? I feel you

How does parrying work correctly? I can't seem to use it that good.

yeah it's a bit hard to use. You just need to press the button once when you see an enemy preparing an attack, but you need to wait until the very last moment before being hit if you want to do a perfect parry.


Yeah, i understand it now. But the weird/glitchy animation really just sucks. If the animation would be better i'd probably have understood parrying from the beginning. Anyways, great game.

Please mac a version for mac. i play on a macbook pro and would enjoy it.


This is a really fun game but it makes me feel like im in a theatre production with the quirky jokes. The one thing that was a problem was with the tutorial. I made a video on it and would love to hear what you thought about it. 


Decided to do a video about this beautiful game and I had a lot of fun. Enjoy :D


I just found this game and must say, I absolutely loved it!

Really wonderful graphics, runs real smooth, and love the ragdolls.

The only two things I felt a bit off, was the combat got a bit repetitive after a bit. Would be nice to see some different moves, but for a small game like this I can understand.
The second thing, which was a bit annoying, was that the game could use a keyboard tutorial instead of controller.

Anyway, really a wonderful game. Would love to see more!

As others, I too made a video on the game, feel free to have a look!



For wich platform is the game?  

Not specified : Platforms Windows

WINDOWS 32bit ??????????????????

Hi, it should be windows 64 bits. Did you have any trouble launching it?


Great work guys. Hope you keep in touch after graduation and maybe make full game one day. Would definitely want to see it.

Here is me trying to kick flower pots and turkeys at the heads of actors pretending to be guards:


Wow! I just found this game. Really great for final project by students! For Malaysian people, you can watch I played this game in YouTube, recommended to play.  

Better that Assassin's Creed only loses to history until because the game has 1 g



Hi there! Great project, are there any plans to continue this? I work for a game publisher and we'd be happy to work with you in helping you publish to steam. If you're interested feel free to send me an email at deana@sedoc.net 


I really enjoyed playing En Garde! Its a very cool third person slash em up! I made a video to share with the world of youtube. I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for creating a really awesome game!


This was really good. The use of the kick as a contextual environmental tomfoolery button, as well as the dash as being surprisingly versatile based on the environment, was an excellent change - felt like a more hilarious assassin's creed 2 or something. Though I did feel like with the freerunning I wanted some kind of divetackle button, especially with all the captains I was chasing.

Parry probably needs a more explicit visual marker or animation even when (or especially when) you do it with no incoming attack, so you can be better sure of the timing. It also seemed very easy to catch enemies into a kind of wake-up stunlock and deal massive damage when they were standing up.

Finally, enemy impacts didn't really feel like there was much oomph to them - the feeling when you did land a hit, or were hit, felt somewhat insubstantial.

I really enjoyed this little taster. Very Princess Bride/Errol Flynn.

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