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not downloading 

will this be available for mac at any point?


Gave it a go...


Very impressive! What engine do you use, and do you plan to make a Linux version? I'd gladly buy it.


its not downloading for me 


Hi! Sorry, I have no idea why it doesn't work for you, I can't do much to help :( 


Very hard to launch. It downloaded just fine, but I guess I'm doing it wrong...

Hi, once downloaded you just need to unzip the .zip file and then launch the EnGarde.exe file. What is not working?

Thats what ive done as well, ive downloaded it and unzipped it but when it gets to the end of unzipping it and  it cant be completed for some reason ill share a screenshot for you. I gotta try to download it again tho. SCREENSHOT OF FAIL UNZIP . (I hope it helps) Maybe its something on my end ? 

Hi! Maybe try to unzip it with another software ? Winrar for example. I'm sorry I have no idea why it's not working


Iv'e tried downloading this many times and its not downloading whatsoever, is there something wrong?.


Ignoring the obvious issues with the game, I really enjoyed it. The story was good and the voice acting was funny (whether intended to be or not), and the fighting, though a little messy, was easy enough to work with. The only issues I really think need work are that although you can use the surroundings to your advantage, it wasn't conveyed well enough in game to really use well, and the repartee move cant be used out of combat, or during speech, which is a must for healing.  Overall this is a fun, entertaining game that I would probably buy as a full length game if it was lengthened and polished a lot.


i would really love to try the game but ive tried to download it 6 times and it gets to the end of the process and gets stuck and says it cant be read or no permissions or file cant be found or something always goes wrong .What can i do to maybe fix it ?

thanks :)

Hi, I'm sorry, I have no idea what's going wrong, I can't do much to help you :( 


Ah ok  np :) I found ur game cuz Jacksepticeye played it .That must feel real good that he played ur game :D I loved him vid so I wanted to make my own vid :) Thanks anyways 


Ahh, gone are the days when a 750ti can be called a 'good' graphics card... Had to use all medium graphics and a lower, windowed resolution.

I don't know if this game is supposed to be humorous through and through, but if it is, then I'd call it a success! As with the likely next few commenters, I came across this game due to a YouTuber. That said, I played through the game myself. This review is based on my experience.

The first thing I noticed was the controls. Having no Xbox controller of my own, I played with keyboard and mouse. The controls were very responsive and easy to learn. In the first ten minutes, I had a firm grasp on them. Two downsides I noticed were the Repartee and the camera. Outside of combat, I could not use Repartee to restore my health, even if I was at one health unit. Also outside of combat, I felt as though my mouse sensitivity was too low for the camera movement, and there was no in-game setting to adjust it.

The dialogue suits a funny game, making plenty of references to pop culture and meme culture. Talking 'dead' guards is a definite plus, and I wish more humorous games would do that. There wasn't a single 'dead' guard line that wasn't funny. Two downsides here, as well: the overall sound quality and the accents. Some physics objects were a bit too loud, and the voices didn't sound super crisp. The accents seem too extreme in some moments and too lax in other moments, making it clear that whoever voiced the lines isn't a native Spanish-speaker.

The combat felt nicely balanced to me. Each sword strike felt strong, lending to the camera shake, audio, and character reactions. Most of the combat moves felt fluid and responsive; not sluggish at all. Even when completely surrounded, I didn't feel trapped. I had options. Allowing only Capitans and the boss to replicate certain moves otherwise limited to the player made them seem more formidable than the guards. Increasing the strike frequency of the boss compared to other enemies made the boss fight incrementally harder, but not unfairly so. Once again, two downsides: the physics of smaller objects seems a bit out of whack and I wish the guards didn't intervene in the boss fight. Small objects like plates, baskets, and light tableware had a tendency to fly extremely far and fast, like they needed more weight to them. The guards intervening prevented me from focusing on the boss, and it felt like a bit of a cop-out.

Beautiful visuals, funny dialogue, a comprehensible (albeit small) story... Overall, a fun game to play. I'd love to see or even be part of your next production.


Hi, thanks for the long and nice review! Don't worry, it's not your graphics card, our game is very poorly optimized haha :) 

Oh, it's really not just your game. ^^; I'm finding more and more games that I can only barely run. Though you're right that optimization would help. I know the defeated NPCs are supposed to linger so they can give their one-liners, but perhaps clearing them after they're far enough away and out of sight would help. It does seem more laggy the more ragdoll entities there are.

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Don Villano... Nice one.

This game has a LOT of problems, from glitchy goemetry, wonky combat, a lack of any combos, and unreliable physics.

That said, the game is still fun for what it is. The last fight was especially good. Also, I appreciate the humor.


Oml this was soo good! Please, please turn this into a longer game!! Even if it changes from "name your price" to a set price it will be so worth it! Thanks so much for making this <3


great game


I really wish I could have enjoyed the full graphics but that's no matter. I had fun with this game, and got vibes you may have taken some inspiration from The Princess Bride? Also perhaps Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Either way the comedy matches and its just overall refreshing fun, this could definitely be something bigger on a wider scale, we don't have a lot of games with sword play and we should. I really hope to see more from you and your team in the future.


I loved this game, I think it really captured the spirit of how a swashbuckling experience should feel, almost like watching one of the old classics. Combat looks excellent and can be extremely funny if you put in a bit of effort, as shown below with my finale confrontation with Don Villano. The environment, models and voice acting were pitch perfect for the over the top melodramatic tone of a true Swashbuckling story, my hat is off to whoever wrote those lines and as well to whoever spoke them with even half a straight face.

Something about some of the jokes and lines made me think you might've been referencing the tabletop RPG, 7th Sea, was that intentional or just all in my head?

My only really criticism would be that the perfectly timed parry, the one that stuns opponents, is a little difficult to use when fighting more than one person, due to locking on to enemies being a tad touchy. Apart from that, I wished there'd been more content in the game but I recognise that this is a student game and had to have a limited scope in order to have a chance of being finished. Still, if you ever decide to try to make a longer version, I'd definitely throw some money or effort at a Kickstarter.

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Hi! I'm so happy to read your comment, you perfectly understood what we wanted to convey with the game and we're glad you loved it!
Personally, I'm glad you enjoyed the tone, the writing and the voice acting, as I've put a lot of effort into those, to capture the feeling of a classic swashbuckling story. 
Indeed, 7th Sea was one of our references during development, along with classic movies.
And yes, we'd love to make a longer version one day, but it won't happen right now.
Congrats for stucking the turkey on Don Villano's head :')


can't be claimed :(

Hi, I'm sorry, what do you mean by that?


Claiming a game means it is added to your account permanently, and I suppose he was disappointed that he couldn't claim this one. He can still download it if he actually wants to play it lol


Hi! Ok, I don't know much about, thanks for letting me know! I'll check in the game's settings or something to see if I can make it claimable.


Very good game. But it can be much better. The minion fight basically just repeat pressing X button.(I use xbox controller)The enemy can do heavy attack (the red light attack), but I can not? I hope main character can do heavy attack too, like hold "X" button then release to broke enemy's block.

The parry is hard to use, just have to wait for the moment, if you against one enemy, no problem, but if you against 3, the parry seems useless. I think if do the parry like Assassin's Creed, it would be much better. just my opinion.

When the enemy dies, it feels not very realistic.

OK enough about the negative things, I like this game, I really do . It has a  potencial to be a great game. the level design, the graphics, the characters, environmental interactions and the dialogue are all awesome. I can't believe you are only 8 students and made this, It looks much like a Ubisoft game.  haha.

Here is my gameplay

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Nice game dear devs, good job :)


ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello~

Loved the game! The combat was tremendously  fun, and the voice acting was terrific. There were a lot of intricate details like being able kick simple objects, killing enemies through environmental hazards, and the level design was just top-notch. The attention to detail honestly amazes me. If this was a full game on Steam, I would honestly buy it.

The only thing that truly bugged me was the difficulty of the final boss fight. I chased the final captain into the palace, and the fight became too aggravating and long with the amount of guards showing up as it dragged on. I would've been perfectly content if there was at least a checkpoint after the mid-boss fight 'cutscene'. After a few more attempts, I honestly just gave up which was a shame as I really did want to see how it ended.

Overall, fun game. Hope you guys got an A on the project!

Deleted post

Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm glad you liked it. Cool you liked the environmental interactions and stuff, we put a lot of care into making those. But I'm soooo sorry for the boss fight's  difficulty >< we lacked time to make it good enough, it was not tested enough and its balancing isn't good. You didn't miss a lot though, The ending is basically boss dies -> credit roll ^^


It's alright, thanks for letting me know about the ending! I really appreciate it.


Overall, I had a damn good time playing this! The visuals were gorgeous, the writing was hilarious and the movement system was fun, if not a little under utilized. While the combat was occasionally a little frustrating when the larger mobs were present, it did it's job just fine for the most part. Detailed feedback at the end of the video. We'll done!

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Hi, thanks a lot again, I really enjoyed your video and your feedback is interesting. So cool to see you laugh at the wacky situations and dialogues :D 

But I noticed that you kinda underused the whole "interactive environment" system (pushing objects on enemies and stuff). We designed the game around the idea that you're supposed to use objects in your environment at your advantage as much as possible, especially when there are too many enemies. It makes combat more interesting too! But we don't explain it clearly enough in the tutorial.

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